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Supply Chain & Logistics Simulation Software
  • Slotting, Picking, Receiving Simulation

  • Optimizing Overall Warehouse Efficiency

  • Schedule Optimization

  • Staffing Optimization

  • Capacity Planning and Predictive Analytics

  • Facility Layout & Design

  • Congestion Analysis and Optimization

  • ERP / WMS Connectivity

value stream mapping simulation for lean warehouse Most improvement initiatives begin with a Value Stream mapping exercise. The value stream map takes into consideration one aspect or product of the operation and analyzes the effect of waste. With a single product with no variations that flows sequentially, a static value stream is adequate. But, when analyzing multiple product interactions, non sequential flows, and the interaction among multiple value streams, the static environment fails. Moreover, static streams do not take into consideration fluctuations in demand, workforce, and other dynamic operational constraints. This patented technology is the first of its kind on the market today.
Optimizing Overall Warehouse Efficiency

Optimizing Overall Warehouse Efficiency

  • Optimize overall warehouse efficiency with on-the-fly dynamic simulation® including integrated bottleneck and constraint identification
  • Reduce labor costs. Maximize existing capital
  • Identify the most efficient layout
  • Manage warehouse and DC variability
Warehouse Slotting Optimization

Slotting Optimization

  • Optimize proposed slotting strategy
  • Identify, analyze, and mitigate the constraints imposed by potential slotting strategies
  • Identify required labor requirements and analyze the potential benefits to existing automation technology
Warehouse Schedule Optimization

Schedule Optimization

  • Optimize and plan for future labor requirements based on demand variability
  • Plan and identify most efficient and cost effective shipment patterns, routes, and schedules
  • Analyze and optimize picking, replenishment, put-away and receiving
Warehouse Capacity Planning Simulation

Capacity Planning

  • Impact on the physical facility: Expand, Change Layout, New Facility
  • Identify impact on labor requirements and equipment requirements
  • Determine Impact, feasibility and risk-benefit analysis of automation equipment
Warehouse Facility Layout Design Simulation

Facility Layout & Design

  • Identify impact of facility design on overall warehouse efficiency
  • Planning the expansion
  • Minimize travel, conveyor layout, merge optimization
  • Optimize conveyor speed and staging capacity
Scenario Analysis Simulation

Connectivity and Analysis

  • Identify impact of facility design on overall warehouse efficiency
  • Integrated connectivity to existing technology; WMS, RFID, Barcode, PLC, GPS
  • Predictive analysis, real-time forecasting
  • Historical reporting and trending
  • Analysis based on actual data with variability.
  • Scenario analysis to study variability and Monte Carlo runs



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