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Simulation Software - simulation in manufacturing
  • Production Optimization

  • Identify/Reduce Bottlenecks & Constraints

  • Labor Allocation and Optimization

  • Capacity Analysis, and Line Balancing/Kanban

  • Inventory Management

  • LEAN Six Sigma Implementation

  • Production Schedule Adherence

  • Facility Layout and Design

Equipment Analysis Simulation

Bottlenecks and Constraints Analysis

  • Automatic Bottleneck identification including detailed reporting on constraints and contributing factors
  • Analyze the effect of changing equipment and new technologies including automation
  • Integrated costing analysis, scenario analysis, and dynamic KPI/Metric reporting tools
Manpower Optimization
  • Identify optimal manpower levels and the impact on operational efficiency
  • Analyze the impact of shifting schedules and cross training employees
  • Define detailed shifts, including holiday schedules, planned and unplanned breaks, vacations, and sick days
Manufacturing Simulation
  • Automatic Schedule Generation and optimization
  • Proactive forecasting and dynamic production scheduling
  • Optimize Efficiency
  • Schedule comparison and deviation analysis
Manufacturing Simulation
  • Capacity Analysis - Identify current capacity and constraints, plan for increased demand
  • Growth Projection - Integrated scenario analysis provides graphical comparison among different implementation plans based on expected growth trends
Manufacturing Simulation
  • Automatically generated dynamic value stream mapping and detailed lean analysis
  • Integrated LEAN/TQM/Six Sigma Tools including Dynamic Value Stream Mapping provides kanban sizing, reorder triggers, line balancing, inventory optimization, safety stock levels and more
  • Load leveling, Kaizan effects, and kanban optimization



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On-the-fly interactive dynamic simulation

on-the-fly dynamic simulation software



Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.