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Simcad Elevator Carrier Model

Simcad Pro Modules

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Thursday, September 28, 2017/Categories: Warehousing and Logistics Modules

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Simcad Elevator Carrier Model

This is a module to create a single elevator working between five different floors using a carrier object. The elevator will travel from floor to floor depending on certain variables such as the current direction of the elevator and how many objects are waiting and in which direction those objects are attempting to travel.

At the beginning of each model run the user will be asked about the maximum number of objects the elevator can hold at any one time, this will be constantly checked to make sure that objects are not released to get on the elevator when it’s full.

A table is used to track all waiters for the elevator, this data includes where they are waiting and in what direction they are heading, this is also tracked in the results process used.

It is also important to note that the write up provided gives the details for a specific set of processes (2nd floor and the Up direction), this is noted in blue in the write up as well.

Download Module and Tutorial Instructions(pdf)


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