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2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition
April 12-16, 2015
Chicago's McCormick Place
CreateASoft Booth in the Intelligent Health Pavilion

CreateASoft's SimTrack Health®, offers predictive analytics and real-time optimization. Visit the Intelligent Health Pavilion and see SimTrack Health® in action. From ED and OR, to hospital logistics and resource planning, SimTrack Health® powered by smaRTLS® integrates with existing RTLS solutions for a seamless integration. Checkout SimTrack Health® for live EMR connectivity, schedule optimization, and real time dashboards with predictive analytics and forecasting.
SimTrack Health® powered by smaRTLS®
will be presented at the Intelligent Health Pavilion at HIMSS 2015.
Emergency Department: Real-Time ED Optimization with Predictive Analytics.

By leveraging existing RTLS systems, A real-time optimization engine constantly predicts near-future performance of the ED. Utilizing historical data trends, current EMR information and existing RTLS tracking data, SimTrack Health suggests predicted staffing levels and improved workflows in order to minimize patient wait times and reduce left without being seen. ED providers and management are presented with alerts and notifications identifying the impact of suggested changes and associated efficiency gains.

Operating Room: Real Time Schedule Optimization in the operating room.

Scheduling and management of OR operations is critical to provide an optimized utilization of the OR resources. OR tracking utilizes RTLS technology coupled with real-time predictive analytics and integrated optimization engine to maintain on-time procedure completion and increase operating department efficiency. Dynamic real-time dashboards present dynamic schedule adherence views comparing planned, actual and forecasted schedules along with real-time staff notifications. This toolset empowers the OR department staff to proactively increase efficiency and reduce scheduling delays.

Supply Chain: Real-time work instructions

Real-time work instructions provide for an efficient supply replenishment schedule that reduces delays, increases utilization and capacity all while improving on-time delivery for products and supplies. Identifying the required quantity expected to be needed over the near-term performance of the hospital requires the integration of multiple disparate systems. Using smaRTLS®, SimTrack Health generates real-time work instructions by integrating with multiple delivery systems such as pneumatic tubes, AGV,s robotic delivery, trolleys and tuggers, etc… to ensure that the supply chain is operating at full efficiency levels while allowing for flexible deliveries with changing priorities.