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Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics with Digital Twin Studio

digital twin studio - Real-Time Digital Twin - Visibility and Traceabilitysimulation shadow

Real-Time Digital Twin - Visibility and Traceability

Built in Tracking and Visualization tools (2D, 3D, VR) for Real-Time digital twin shadow ...

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digital twin studio - predictive scheduling and alertsimulation shadow

Digital Twin with AI - Predictive Analytics and Scheduling

Predict future constraints, Schedule adherence, and Proactive System Monitoring ...

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digital twin studio - dynamic dashboard simulation shadow

Digital Twin Live Metrics -Dynamic Dashboards

Simple drag and drop dashboard builder with unlimited layout capabilities ...

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Machine Learning Digital Twin for Prescriptive Analytics and Controlsimulation shadow

Machine Learning Digital Twin for Prescriptive Analytics and Control

Auto-learning model using an integrated AI engine and Neural Networks for Optimization, Real-Time Work ...

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Real-Time Visibility and Traceability - Digital Twin Shadow Technology

Digital Twin Studio® Open Architecture enables it to interact with a multitude of RTLS and data systems – RFID, BarCode, GPS, PLC, WMS, EMR, ERP, MRP, or RTLS systems

  • Provides Real-Time visualization of the operation in 2D, 3D, and VRreal-time tracking
  • Interactive entity properties lookup and display
  • Simultaneously Connects to different RTLS tracking systems
  • Auto-Generates entity relationship across data systems for Traceability
  • Generates Heatmaps, congestion maps, and collision points
  • Highlights bottlenecks and delays in Real-Time

Digital Twin Replay - View Past Events and Setup Active Alerts

Digital Twin Studio can replay and animate all past events through 2D, 3D and VR.



Select the time period to replay and watch the operation animate with full analysis capability. There is no limit on the replay period, or replay speed. Need to identify why orders were delayed last week, just replay the data set and watch the operation's progress.


Using the same replay engine, you can connect to the live system and view the operation, live, in real time, on your desktop. Use the VR glasses to walk the operation, check status and more.



Using the built in AI engine, Digital Twin Studio integrates proactive alerts with elevation. Alerts are sent via email or text messages. Alerts may also be automatically elevated based on system condition and alert severity.


Digital Twin with AI and Machine Learning - Predictive Analytics and Dynamic Scheduling

Real-time predictive analytics deliver insights via notifications when issues are identified before they occur with state of the art Digital Twin Technology

  • Accurately predict costs, efficiencies, inventories, and resource requirementsPredictive Analytics and Scheduling
  • Maintains a Comparison between current, standard, and predicted future state
  • Schedule Adherence, Schedule Monitoring, and validation
  • Real-Time Work Instructions delivered to the floor for maximum efficiency
  • Proactive Maintenance and downtime prevention

Digital Twin Live Real-Time Metrics - Dynamic Dashboards

Simple drag and drop dashboard builder with unlimited layout capabilities

  • Built in gauges, charts, grids and reports
  • Ability to export data set on demand
  • Connectivity to multiple data sources, including SQL, Oracle and other data warehouses
  • Real-time dynamic update per dashboard component
  • Role based Permission control for each dashboard item
  • Mobile friendly view
real-time dashboard
real-time analysis dashboard
real-time dynamic dashboard
dynamic predictive analytics dashboard

Self Learning, Hands Off System - On Premise or Cloud Based

Real-Time Optimization generates a number of Actionable Potential Improvements

Intelligent models consistently learn from the current environment, re-adjust on-the-fly and consistently perform validation, analysis, and optimization without user intervention.

  • System can be implemented on Premise, or as a Cloud based system
  • Internal Self-Monitoring envrionment to maintain maximum up-time
  • Self-Learning - Adding entities, items, locations is automatically detected from live data streams - No user intervention required
healthcare prescriptive analytics and control tool


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