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  • Patient care is one of the most important factors in healthcare today. The time a patient spends in the hospital, the staff they come into contact with, and their reason for being in the hospital all impact the overall effectiveness of a hospital. An increase in patient wait time can be affected by numerous elements: variability in patient arrival, poor patient flow due to check in procedures / architectural planning, and resource contentions caused by a lack of medical staff or poorly allocated resources. Dynamic Simulation provides a risk free solution to analyze, visualize, and optimize the following:
  • Forecasting, Healthcare Predictive Analytics, Healthcare Prescriptive Analytics, Patient flow, patient wait time, patient bed allocation, emergency department (ED), emergency room (ER), operating room (OR) scheduling, staff utilization, hospital resource management, lab scheduling, availability and efficiency, supporting services (radiology, internal supply chain, and others).

Healthcare & Hospital Simulation software
Hospital Simulation
ED 2 Story layout simulation
ED 2 Story layout
emergency department simulation
3D ED Optimization
predictive analytics optimization
Predictive Analytics
ED / ER optimization
ED/ER Optimization
lab simulation
Lab Simulation
ED simulation
ED Simulation
ED Floor
ED Floor
healthcare simulation
Healthcare Simulation
hospital flow simulation
Hospital ED Flow
clinic simulation
Clinic Simulation
patient flow simulation
Patient Flow


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