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Digital Twin Studio

Empowering Industry 4.0, IOT, Tracking &
Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics with Digital Twin Studio.

Predictive Analytics with Real-Time Schedule Optimization

LEAN Manufacturing & Processing Optimization:

SimTrack in manufacturing Optimization & Analysis

  • More cost efficient, less wasteful and improve quality
  • Decrease production time and cost
  • Recognize and fix defects
  • Avoid overproduction, transportation waste, slack time, and overstocking inventory
  • Schedule activities more efficiently with real-time schedule optimization

View the Status of the Live Operation:

Locator devices

  • Real-time visibility allows the user to view the live, current view of the operation
  • 100% Traceability on Track processes, products, inventory, and workforce
  • Monitor multiple operations at the same time

Live Alerts and Notifications:

Live Alerts and Notifications

  • Alerted with current errors, possible errors, maintenance needs, etc.
  • Fix the potential problems before they affect the current operation
  • SMS / Email updates on forecasted and current bottlenecks and issues

Become More Cost Efficient and Less Wasteful:

More Cost Efficient and Less Wasteful

  • Monitor the operation (current or historic) in order to recognize and fix defects
  • Implement changes that minimizes defects
  • Proper scheduling of activities so they can be done in the most efficient ways: Avoid over production, transportation waste, overstocking inventory, and slack time
  • Know location and status of products and equipment at all times
  • Forecast future volumes in order to schedule the proper number of workers
  • View historic data and/or activities step-by-step in order to improve the current operation
  • Real-time line balancing
  • Predictive Analytics continually optimize the operation focusing on efficiency

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Digital Twin Studio Applications & Examples

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