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New Product - Simcad Online

simulation online, simulation cloud

CreateASoft, Inc., the creators of Simcad Online, works with process based industries to provide proactive management tools, advanced decision support and consulting, utilizing the advanced predictive technology found in the Simcad family of products.

Simcad Pro 8.0 Dynamic Simulator

healthcare, manufacturing, logistics

Chicago, IL July 4, 2007— CreateASoft, Inc has released Simcad Pro 8.0, the premier dynamic process simulation and decision support software providing material handling, distribution, warehousing, and logistics operation the ability to:

Simcad Pro and PFAST Integration and Methdology

healthcare, manufacturing, logistics

Naperville , IL January, 2007 —  CreateASoft, Inc, The leading provider of premier process analysis and optimization software, Simcad Pro, proudly announced today, January 03, 2007, the integration and methodology for 
and Simcad Pro™.

Job Shop Lean Conference

Naperville, Illinois, 2006 November 7th — CreateASoft, Inc. and The Ohio State University announce their partnership to deliver an innovative methodology of implementing lean, with a tried, tested, and true IT enabled toolset for the “high mix” environment of Job Shop and Healthcare industry.

Simcad Pro 7.2 Dynamic Simulator

healthcare, manufacturing, logistic

Naperville, Illinois, August 2006
CreateASoft, Inc, The leading provider of premier process simulation software, Simcad Pro, proudly announced today, August 1, 2006, the release of Simcad Pro™ Process Simulator version 7.2.


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