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April 3-6, 2017
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Live Slotting Optimization with Real-Time Work Instructions
slotting optimization
live slotting optimization



On-The-Fly Prescriptive Analytics
Real-Time Optimized Solutions To Avoid Delays


prescriptive analytics



Real-Time Monitoring with 100% Visibility and Traceability


real Time Tracking



Integration with Existing infrastructure including RTLS,Barcode, PLC, RFID, and other tracking hardware.





Simcad Pro® Dynamic Simulation Software, the most advanced simulation and scheduling software. Built on a patented simulation engine and schedule optimization technology Simcad is an essential tool to increase operational efficiency. SimTrack®, with smaRTLS® technology, provides predictive analytics, process visibility, and real-time schedule optimization: applications in real-time work instructions, Warehouse management and inventory optimization.



Generate Warehouse Heat Map In Seconds



  • Import your current inventory by SKU and Location
  • Import or generate pick sequences, put away and replenishment
  • Let the model run, A heat map is generated based on user defined limits



Use Simcad Pro® to Optimize Slotting - The most flexible slotting environment



  • Import locations, SKUs, and constraints
  • Applies to new and existing warehouses
  • Slot based on velocity, congestion, weight, dimensions and more
  • Prioritize your location by strike zones, preferred pick locations, and elevation constraints
  • Organize by product type, category or manufacturer
  • Generate optimized Re-slotting movement sequences and Work Instructions




Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.



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