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2023 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)

Simulation for Resilient Systems

WSC 2023

December 10-13, 2023
San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
San Antonio, TX 78205

CreateASoftVendor Workshop:
How to Implement a Data-driven Digital Twin (CreateASoft)

Where: Conference Room 11
When: 3pm - 5pm (Sunday, December 10th)
Who: Hosni Adra (CreateASoft, Inc.) - WSC Exhibit Chair

Join us for a detailed tutorial on implementing a data-driven digital twin and connect it to live data. The workshop will focus on warehousing and manufacturing implementation as well as integrating the data sets directly within the models.

Biomanufacturing and Process Industry:

From Simulation To Real-Time Digital Twin and AI - Implementation in a Food Manufacturing Plant (CreateASoft)

Where: Salon K (Technical Session) - Commercial Case Studies, Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
When: 2:30pm - 3pm (Monday, December 11th)
Who: Hosni Adra (CreateASoft, Inc.) - WSC Exhibit Chair

Data-Driven simulation models are valuable tools to improve the accuracy of the models and enable them to transition to real-time predictive analytics tools. Adding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) enables those model to provide feedback and real-time optimization in un-attended environment. This paper details the steps and benefits that were used to implement such system in a large filling and packaging manufacturing setting, from initial randomized models to full real-time digital twin systems. Final models were used to optimize (real-time and offline) changeover, CIP (Clean in Place), production, filling lines, and material handling.

Integrating AI and Simulation:

Data Driven Digital Twin – Benefits and Advantages in Real-time Systems (CreateASoft)

Where: Conference Room 1 (Vendor Session · Vendor)
When: 4:15pm - 5pm (Monday, December 11th)
Who: Hosni Adra (CreateASoft, Inc.) - WSC Exhibit Chair

The term "digital twin" is akin to a chameleon in the industry, adopting various meanings and causing widespread confusion. In this presentation, we embark on a mission to demystify digital twins, categorize their diverse implementations, explore the realm of simulations, and unveil the myriad uses of this transformative technology. We explore the differences and benefits of each type with special emphasis on data-driven digital twins and their integration with AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and DL (Deep Learning) technologies. www.createasoft.com

Manufacturing Intralogistics:

Analysis of Autonomous Mobile Robots in Warehousing Using a Digital Twin Simulation (CreateASoft)

Where: Salon K (Technical Session) - Commercial Case Studies, Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
When: 10:30am - 11am (Tuesday, December 12th)
Who: Michael Sellen (CreateASoft, Inc.)

The continued acceleration of e-commerce growth present a challenge for fulfillment centers to manage growing SKU counts and increased demand volatility while continuing to satisfy customer delivery expectations and maintain control over costs. Many fulfillment centers are turning to automated solutions such as Autonomous Mobile Robots in an effort to increase throughput and efficiency from existing facilities. AMRs move throughout the warehouse environment guidance-free and can be deployed bringing goods to person, bulk material movement and can work collaboratively with employees for picking applications. For warehouse operations management teams and AMR solution providers, identifying the optimum fleet size and deployment logic for current and projected demand is a crucial step in a successful adoption of this technology. Data-Driven modelling and simulation can be a useful asset when evaluating different solutions and requirements before installation as well as identifying opportunities for increased efficiency or expansion in existing operations.


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