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Digital Twin Simulation Modeling

Simcad Pro 15 features new capabilities for larger and more complex models. Simcad Pro 15 enables you to create a complete data-driven digital twin of your facility that behaves similarly to the real-world system. With Simcad Pro 15, you can perform optimization in real-time, utilize the built-in neural network for machine learning, and achieve realistic visualization of your facility.

Digital Twin Applications | Simcad Pro 15
In multiple industries - digital twin manufacturing, digital twin automation, digital twin logistics, digital twin warehouse, digitalization in food and beverage, digital twin business, and more.

What is NEW in Simcad Pro 15

Updated 3D Graphics Engine

  • NEW - Ray tracing, transparency, lighting, and more
  • Faster 3D rendering and improved GPU utilization for faster 3D
  • NEW - Material control and color saturation
  • Improved representation of multi-level buildings
  • Improved 3D editor view with for better model modifications in 3D

Updated Modules and Interface

  • NEW - Access to custom and stock modules with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • NEW - Pre-defined entities for resources, carriers and objects
  • Improved auto-create settings and control
  • NEW - Process based metrics view for quick analysis
  • Fine tuning interface to improve positioning in 2D and 3D

Simulation Engine

  • Improved multi-threading capability for even faster simulation runs
  • NEW - Ability to change overall model properties during the simulation run


Additional Capabilities

  • Auto-create racking and processes directly from Excel import
  • NEW - Support for new robots: Multi-axis, SCARA, gantry, top mounted, spider, and more
  • NEW - Improve script editor to improve customization
  • Expanded spaghetti analysis diagrams, heat maps, and congestion analysis
  • NEW - Auto update the model from external data systems – processes and entities are modified automatically based on external data changes.

Smart Spatially Aware Entities

  • NEW - Ability to transition entities from pathed to spatially aware during the model run – better control of pathing defined
  • NEW - Identify potential collisions between entities based on the simulation run
  • Improved - collision avoidance engine




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