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Build your Data-Driven Digital Twin using Digital Twin Studio® Cloud

No software to install, accessible from ANYWHERE

Digital Twin Studio® - Data-Driven Digital Twin

All performed on the Cloud - No Software to install and supported on all your devices using the Digital Twin Studio® Cloud Mobile and Desktop enabled environment.


See how Digital Twin Studio® Cloud works

A Digital Twin built in Digital Twin Studio® provides an unparalleled ease-of-use to turn data into decisions. However, when beginning the Digital Twin transition, flexible licensing options can help organizations assess conditions, set goals, and optimize for the future. Our team at CreateASoft is happy to announce our browser supported Digital Twin Studio® Cloud for all your digital twin analysis needs. With Digital Twin Studio®, mapping process flows to assess current conditions and quickly identify areas of improvement allows for users to quickly test and implement changes to their organization that will work for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux users.

Applications in multiple industries including manufacturing, automation, logistics, distribution warehouse, food and beverage, services, and more.

A digital twin build in Simcad Pro
  Safe, Secure Cloud-Based Data-Driven Digital Twin
  • Web based model collaboration and model sharing
  • Multi-platform: Mac iOS®, Windows®, Linux®, Android® Compatible
  Fully Interactive Cloud Digital Twin Environment
  • Digital Twin Studio® Cloud includes fully integrated functionality for modeling process and generating results, created by industry for industry. Industries include manufacturing, warehousing, automation, logistics, healthcare, and more
  • Real-Time visibility and analysis
  • Integrated Machine Learning and AI
  Securely store model files, databases, spreadsheets
  • Risk-Free subscription based service model
  • No hardware to buy, maintain or upgrade
  • No software to install, no updates, no maintenance fees
Digital Twin Software - Digital Twin Technology

Why Build a Data-Driven Digital Twin?

Digital Twin Studio® Cloud provides a low cost, high reward environment that helps:

  • Identify and prioritize improvement projects
  • Streamline operations
  • Validate proposed implementations based on resource availability
  • Perform analysis and generate custom reports for future state planning
  • Facility layout and redesign
  • Provide process visibility

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