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Hospital Digital Twin

What is a Hospital Digital Twin? A digital twin represents a true virtual replica of the real word operation. From a hospital perspective, a digital twin provides a complete representation of the hospital activities, processes and their interactions. A Hospital Digital Twin incorporates all of the hospital operations from emergency services, departments, labs, supply chain and outpatient services, all working together to provide a valid and true representation of the hospital flows and interactions.


Hospital Digital Twin models exhibit the same behavior and constraints as the real world hospital. The most effective hospital digital twin models are the data driven ones. A Data Driven digital twin provides the additional capability to consume actual data from EMR, RTLS, and other system and combine that into a one cohesive representation of the hospital operation. Data Driven hospital digital twins have the ability to perform true, real-time, predictive analytics using current state data while constantly learning the operational constraints.

hospital vsm
ED digital twin modeling

Benefits of Hospital Digital Twin

  • Analyze and optimize current and proposed changes
  • Identify providers' constraints and optimize their schedules
  • Generate new methods to reduce LWBS, LOS, treatment cycles
  • Analyze and improve bed allocation strategy
  • Optimized and improve emergency and surgical departments
  • Perform schedule optimization
  • Supply chain network analysis and optimization
  • Capacity planning across the hospital
  • Perform predictive analytics based on real-time data

Digital Twin Hospital with our Digital Twin Technologies:


Hospital digital twin implementation can be accomplished by building each department separately and connect them together to provide the overall hospital digital twin. By implementing individual department digital twin, each component can be validated before it is integrated into the overall hospital digital twin. Moreover, by having individual department digital twins, and connect them to actual, real-time data, departments can start benefiting from predictive analytics and improvement at an early stage of the implementation cycle.


Digital Twin Studio® enables you to create individual departments and link them together to provide the overall hospital digital twin. Digital Twin Studio® extensive features and capabilities shortens the digital twin model development and provides a faster ROI.

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