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Manufacturing Digital Twin

A Factory Digital Twin using Digital Twin Studio, represents a virtual replica of the actual manufacturing facility including all of its special constraints, equipment, process flows, batching, changeover and tooling. The Digital Twin performs similarly to the live operation, exhibits the same behavior when subjected to the plant constraints and accounts for both capacity and manpower constraints.


A Data-Driven Factory Digital Twin takes the implementation to the next level by allowing the Digital Twin to load actual data sets (Current and Historical) from the active ERP/MRP/SAP and generate both predictive and prescriptive analytics within the manufacturing facility based on scheduling, maintenance, and constraints. The Data-Driven Digital Twin™ enables you to analyze historical performance, improve current operations, mitigate risk, forecast expansion and optimize future operations.


Benefits of Data-Driven Digital Twin for Manufacturing

  • Schedule Analysis and Optimization
  • Identify & reduce bottlenecks and constraints
  • Automation feasibility analysis and material handling optimization
  • Capacity analysis and growth projection
  • Greenfield, Brownfield analysis and design
  • WIP reduction and optimizations 
  • Expand Visibility

With Simcad Pro Digital Twin, you can model, simulate and analyze a section of the factory or the complete factory digital twin from receiving to shipping. Using a patented multi-threaded simulation engine, Simcad Pro Digital Twin is the tool you need for modeling, simulation and optimization of your facility.

Simcad Pro Digital Twin provides

  • Direct connectivity to ERP/MRP/SAP systems
  • Built in features to model, analyze and optimize all aspects of the manufacturing including production line, assembly line, packaging line and process flow.
  • Fully interactive, no coding interface for quick model building and validation
  • Accurate digital twin modeling with 99.9% accuracy 
  • Built in Value Stream mapping and lean analysis

Simcad Pro Digital Twin ROI

  • Obtain integrated reporting and scenario analysis
  • Gather feedback on efficiency gains both at the machine and resource level and throughout the system
  • Predict how operations will be affected by: changes in demand, disruptions in supply, changes in the product mix, etc
  • Check and set optimal schedules
  • Establish the best path for production to increase productivity and reduce non value-added time
  • Analyze possible differences in efficiency based on automation versus manual labor

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