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Warehouse Digital Twin Powered by AI Digital Twin Studio® creates a virtual replica of the Live Warehouse including racking, picking, automation, staging, receiving, put-away and replenishment.

Total Warehouse Visibility

Digital Twin Studio® provides real-time warehouse monitoring in 2D, 3D, and VR.

View the live warehouse with info on pickers, automated vehicles, and product flow.


Warehouse Digital Twin


Patented Data Integration

Digital Twin Studio® connects directly to your WMS. From there, your model loads actual data sets to represent your warehouse with 99.9% accuracy.

Patented Data integration

Gain Efficiency in Real-Time

AI performs predictive analytics on-the-fly. Digital Twin Studio® then presents solutions to increase efficiency that can be implemented instantly.

Pick Paths



Cost per SKU



Proactive, Hands-Off Warehouse Management

Digital Twin models automate historical
analysis, improve current operations, and can
help plan for future expansion, all in real-time.


Warehouse Digital Twin using Digital Twin Studio® represents a virtual replica of the live warehouse operation including racking, picking, automation, staging, receiving, put-away and replenishment. The Digital Twin contains all of the constraints of the actual warehouse, and behaves similarly to the live operation.

A Data-Driven Warehouse Digital Twin takes the implementation to the next level by allowing the Digital Twin to load actual data sets from the WMS / WES / SAP and perform predictive analytics on the warehouse operation. A Data-Driven Digital Twin automates the analysis of historical performance, improve current operation and better plan for expansion and future operations, in real-time.


Benefits of Data-Driven Digital Twin for Warehouse

  • Increase Warehouse Efficiency
  • Conveyance Design and Optimization
  • Material Handling Optimization and Fleet Sizing
  • ASRS, AGV and STV Capacity Planning
  • Facility Layout & Design
  • Distribution Center Network Analysis
  • Congestion Analysis and Reduction
  • Automation Validation and Design
  • Human and Automated Equipment Interaction
  • Capacity Planning & Scheduling


Digital Twin Studio®, includes a set of tools to allow you to accurately model the Digital Twin, visualize the actual warehouse in real-time, optimize and schedule based on current constraints. The warehouse digital twin convers all aspects of the warehouse from receiving to shipping. Using a patented multi-threaded optimization and AI engine, Digital Twin Studio® is the tool you need for real-time analysis, optimization, and visual representation.

Digital Twin Studio® provides

  • Direct connectivity to WMS / WCS / SAP systems
  • Built in features to model, analyze and optimize, in Real-Time, all aspects of the warehouse including picking, storage media and slotting
  • Fully interactive, Low-Code dashboarding and reporting environment
  • Accurate Digital Twin Modeling with 99.9% accuracy
  • Built in Value Stream Mapping and Lean Analysis

Digital Twin Studio® ROI

  • Eliminate multiple staging areas, Reduce the time to receive and rack incoming inventory
  • Improved replenishment schedules to eliminate “wait” on the pick line. Reduce delays in the checking area
  • Identify required labor requirements and analyze the potential benefits to existing automation technology
  • Test and validate automation investments
  • Identify, analyze, and mitigate the constraints imposed by potential slotting strategies
  • Impact on the physical facility: Expand and change the layout or optimize the layout of a new facility

Heat Map & Congestion Analysis

  • Import locations, SKUs, and constraints
  • Applies to new and existing warehouses
  • Slot based on velocity, congestion, weight, dimensions and more
  • Prioritize your location by strike zones, preferred pick locations, and elevation constraints
  • Organize by product type, category or manufacturer
  • Generate optimized Re-slotting movement sequences and Work Instructions


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Package Options

Choose your Warehouse Digital Twin Implementation

Price is per license per month. One license per facility.
Ongoing support is included with any active subscription.

Digital Twin Studio - Created by CreateASoft

Digital Twin Studio® Tracker


  • Live Facility View in 2D, 3D, & VR
  • Hourly Event Replay
  • Direct Connection to Live Data:
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Digital Twin Studio® Analyzer

Digital Twin Studio® Tracker, plus:

  • Heat Maps
  • Spaghetti Diagrams
  • Congestion Analysis
  • Full Historical Replay with Simulation
  • Call for Price

Digital Twin Studio® Optimization / AI

Digital Twin Studio® Analyzer, plus any combination of the following AI Modules

  • Pick Path Optimization
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Storage Density Optimization
  • Scheduling Optimization
  • Staging Optimization
  • RFID/RTLS live tracking with SmaRTLS®

All Modules include Dynamic Alerts and Notifications

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