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Simcad Pro - Distribution Center Simulation Software

On-The-Fly, Interactive, Dynamic

Distribution Center Simulation

Distribution Center Simulation: Predictive Modeling and Analytics

  • Distribution center network analysis
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Facility layout and design
  • ERP/WMS connectivity
  • Shipping analysis and optimization
  • Slotting, picking, receiving analysis
  • Production schedule adherence
  • Inventory optimization
  • Human and automated equipment interaction
  • Capacity planning & scheduling

Increase distribution center efficiency using dynamic simulation software - Simcad Pro.

Distribution center network analysis

  • Determine optimal DC locations
  • Manage inventory levels and delivery requirements to ensure product availability
  • Route and transportation method optimization

Risk management and mitigation

  • Plan, identify, and test Work Instructions and SOP for most likely disruptions in the supply chain
  • Determine impact on system based on supply and demand variability
  • Manage growth expectations within the system constraints
  • Analyze the potential benefits of new automation technology

Shipping analysis and optimization

  • Optimize delivery routes
  • Identify distribution schedules and impact on efficiency
  • Reduce transportation cost

Inventory optimization

  • Manage inventory levels
  • Ensure product availability
  • Reduce costs, maximize on-shelf time

Connectivity and analysis

  • Integrated connectivity to existing technology; WMS, RFID, Barcode, PLC, GPS
  • Predictive analysis, real-time forecasting
  • Historical reporting and trending
  • Analysis based on actual data with variability
  • Scenario analysis to study variability and Monte Carlo runs

On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation

on-the-fly dynamic simulation software

Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.



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