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Simcad Pro - Document process flow simulation

On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic

Document Flow Simulation

Document Flow Simulation: Predictive Modeling and Analytics

  • Optimize call centers, increase capacity and efficiency
  • Document flow efficiency improvement and optimization
  • Full cycle analysis
  • Visually animate and validate inter-process interactions
  • LEAN analysis: value stream mapping and spaghetti diagrams
  • Staffing & scheduling and optimization

Increase document process flow efficiency using dynamic simulation software - Simcad Pro.

Because timely delivery of documents often determines whether or not a person receives necessary information or a deal closes in time, efficient and accurate delivery is imperative for the running of a business. In document-based businesses, such as insurance and financial institutions, documents need to be delivered to the right people, on time, in the most efficient way possible.

document flow simulation

Simcad Pro’s patented dynamic simulation engine can be used to model and analyze a vast array of office systems to improve the flow of documents and information. Through the use of Simcad Pro, managers, supervisors and other process improvement experts can perform analysis, detect delays within the system, and generate real and feasible solutions. Simcad Pro’s patented technology allows users to create “what-if” scenarios, virtually modify the operations (increase resources, change the pathway of documents, etc…) and visualize the effects of the changes on the system as a whole. All of the changes can be made “on-the-fly” while the simulation is running, allowing the users to work quickly with the model, saving time and money.

Process Flow Simulation Made Easy with Simcad Pro.

Due to the high level of variability of document pathways, personnel needs, seasonality and other factors, it is imperative to have the ability to utilize live data, as well as historical data in order to generate mathematically accurate data from the simulation.

document flow simulation

Simcad Pro simulation software allows users to import data from external data sources, such as Excel©, as well as import CAD layouts of offices. With the importation of CAD layouts, Simcad Pro simulation software generates automatic distance calculations to ensure accuracy.

With the CAD layout imported into the model, users are able to make changes to pathways and distances to see how these changes effect the over efficiency of document flow. As changes are made, users can see the results immediately, allowing them to see if the changes have improved the flow or if additional changes and modifications need to be made.

Process Flow Simulation: Quick Analysis

document flow simulation

Once the model is assembled, users can either import or input manually parameters such as timing, capacity, resources, etc… As Simcad Pro runs the model, users can see exactly where problems are occurring and where further analysis needs to be made. The “Simulation Analysis Report” provides users with a quick analysis of the model, identifying the poorly performing areas for resources and processes and possible changes that can be made to improve these areas.


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