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High Mix Manufacturing Simulation

Improving Operations In High Mix Manufacturing - Made to Order Manufacturing

Within a high mix/low volume manufacturing scenario, while the same categorical object is made, customization presents challenges in optimizing efficiency on the shop floor. Simcad Pro simulation software aids users in creating environments that are quickly able to adapt to each custom change and help high mix manufacturing operations generate schedules, reduce waste, and improve process flows. By analyzing variability within the operation, identifying areas from improvement, and determining best practices based on upstream and downstream volatility, Simcad Pro helps cut costs, appropriately channel resources, and increase production.

Increase efficiency while minimizing risk using dynamic simulation software - Simcad Pro.

High Mix simulation with Simcad Pro

Benefits of Simcad Pro in High Mix Environments:

  • Optimize Variable Schedules
  • Assess Production Volatility
  • Improve Supply Chain Planning
  • Mitigate Unexpected Forecasting Changes
  • WIP Reduction and Inventory Analysis
  • Rapid Layout Adjustment Analysis

The High Mix ROI:

  • Identify ideal numbers for on hand inventory and reduce the amount of WIP
  • Generate Schedules based on customer demand, product customization, and production variability
  • Perform detailed routing analysis for each object flowing through the operation
  • Determine part-based efficiency and its effects on the overall process flow
  • Create a cycle-time breakdown that shows non-value added time
  • Calculate the effects that new product lead time will have on existing flows

Built in Spaghetti diagram generation
built in Spaghetti diagram generation

Value Stream Map with Spaghetti Diagram overlay
lean simulation - value stream map

3D Simulation Visualization
lean simulation - value stream map


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