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Healthcare Simulation Software

On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic

Hospital Simulation Software

Hospital Simulation: Predictive Modeling and Analytics

  • Length of stay analysis
  • Optimize patient flow and staffing to reduce patient wait times
  • Bed allocation optimization
  • Staff utilization, scheduling and optimization
  • Optimize ED department capacity planning
  • OR department scheduling & efficiency
  • Healthcare supply chain optimization
  • Capacity planning & scheduling

Increase hospital efficiency using dynamic healthcare simulation software - Simcad Pro Health.

Identify the most efficient layout and patient flow

  • Decrease patient wait time and increase operational efficiency and quality using LEAN / TQM / Six Sigma tools and object routing & grouping analysis
  • View a full featured 3D environment in real time from a resource or patient point of view using the “Dynamic walk-through” feature

Proactive scheduling and staffing optimization

  • Optimize patient flow and staff utilization to improve the overall efficiency of the hospital
  • Schedule resources based on the variability of the Department to find the optimal number of Physicians, Nurses, Transports, etc…
  • Decrease the number of left-without-being-seen and transfer denials

Out of the box functionality

  • Easy-to-read data analysis and reporting for non-experts using built in dashboards
  • Import and export data sources with click-to-point buttons. (SQL, Oracle, EMR, ..
  • Make “On-the-fly” changes to the model, and view their effects through the animated environment
  • No coding required to create or change models. Simulation is available to all enablers and not the select few

Blood center & lab optimization and analysis

  • Increase efficiency, reduce travel time, and control production with integrated Layout Optimization and Analysis
  • Reduce lead time for Blood Centers and Labs by applying LEAN / Six Sigma methods
  • Reduce lab turnaround time, increase blood center efficiency - Process more with existing systems

Trim unnecessary expenses

  • Reduce operating cost, increase OR utilization and scheduling, Improve ED Efficiency, and more...
  • Reduce overall expenditures with through efficiency analysis and transitional plans of hospitals, lab, and blood center

How to improve, optimize, and schedule in hospital workflows with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation


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