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Value Stream Mapping / Value Network Mapping

Dynamic Value Stream Mapping (DVSM) + Simulation

Most improvement initiatives begin with a Value Stream mapping exercise. The value stream map takes into consideration one aspect or product of the operation and analyzes the effect of waste. With a single product with no variations that flows sequentially, a static value stream is adequate. But, when analyzing multiple product interactions, non-sequential flows, and the interaction among multiple value streams, the static environment fails. Moreover, static streams do not take into consideration fluctuations in demand, workforce, and other dynamic operational constraints. This patented technology is the first of its kind on the market today.

lean simulation - Kanban wip

value stream mapping

  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) + Simulation

    Display the Value Stream Map in the traditional format, or place on top of a CAD layout. In addition to the static values in the VSM, Simcad Pro dynamically computes all required parameters including lead time, efficiency, value added time, waste time, and more...

  • On-The-Fly Dynamic
    Changes to the simulation model are dynamically transferred to the VSM view, and all computed data is updated. For high mix operations, a Value Network Map can be displayed to provide product specific results and the impact of product mix.

  • Reports
    The VSM can be displayed along with the object or resource flow spaghetti diagram. Simcad Pro also imports the value stream maps created in the Value Stream Analyzer tool, and maps created in Microsoft Visio and Excel.

  • Kanban Simulation, Kanban Pull System
    1. Visual Simulation, Charting and Forecasting
    2. Date and Cost Forecasting
    3. Staff and WIP Analysis
    4. Other Analysis

  • Lean Supermarkets or FiFo lanes creating Manufacturing Success
    FiFo lanes are an important part of any lean material flow.

Implement the LEAN and Six Sigma using dynamic simulation software - Simcad Pro.

Built in Spaghetti diagram generation
built in Spaghetti diagram generation

Value Stream Map with Spaghetti Diagram overlay
lean simulation - value stream map

3D Simulation Visualization
lean simulation - value stream map

Value Network Mapping (VNM) + Simulation

  • The VNM is a great tool to view the efficiency of producing a single product on a process by process basis. When multiple products go through the same set of processes, a value stream must be created for each product and viewed separately. However, in the real world environment, multiple products interact on the same set of processes and share a collection of common resources and constraints. Therefore, the interaction between multiple value streams over the same operation becomes critical in identifying potential efficiency problems.

  • On-The-Fly Dynamic Simulation and Analysis,
    Value Network Mapping Simulation Software is a technique used to display multiple simultaneous value stream maps while showing the interactions among them. Each value stream is created for each individual product that pass through the flow, and the network becomes the collection of all streams. Building a network map for multiple products is a very tedious task if done manually. Moreover, manual implementation suffers from the effect of static data that does not take into consideration the changes in constraints and other outside factors. Simcad Pro is designed to create such a value network map by analyzing the process map and the product mix and constraints in the model.

  • Through this Patented Technology, Engineers and Designers,
    With Simcad Pro simulation software, each product's value stream is automatically computed and displayed in the value network map. The map for each process is displayed to show the efficiency and parameters of the process on a per product basis. Most importantly, as the model and its constraints change, the network is updated. Through this patented technology, engineers and designers can focus on the specific product mix that is affecting the efficiency of the process and focus their efficiency improvement efforts on the correct issues.



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