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Lean and Six Sigma

LEAN ====> Eliminate Waste. Increase Efficiency.

It has been proven that LEAN six sigma methods improve efficiency, reduce cost, and increase the overall profitability of organizations. Although different variations of these methods have been applied to different industries, the fact remains, that if implemented correctly, Lean six sigma methods work. Today's organizations need to be very adaptive, and very dynamic in the way they react to consumer demand; and what better way to adapt than with a dynamic tool? Avoid lost opportunity and lost revenue, by eliminating slow operational response with Simcad Pro's patented dynamic technology.

Simulation modeling with Detailed Cell SubFlows
Simulation modeling with Detailed Cell SubFlows

Value Stream Maps based on Model Constraints
Dynamically generated Value Stream Maps based on Model Constraints

Implement the LEAN and Six Sigma using dynamic simulation software - Simcad Pro Simulator

  • Automatically generated dynamic value stream mapping and detailed lean analysis
  • Integrated LEAN/TQM/Six Sigma Tools including Dynamic Value Stream Mapping provides Kanban sizing, reorder triggers, line balancing, inventory optimization, safety stock levels and more
  • Load leveling, Kaizen effects, and Kanban optimization

Built in Spaghetti diagram generation
built in Spaghetti diagram generation

Value Stream Map with Spaghetti Diagram overlay
lean simulation - value stream map

3D Simulation Visualization
lean simulation - value stream map

LEAN and Six Sigma + Simulation - Reports and Analysis

LEAN and Six Sigma Simulation Software provides an extensive list of reporting and analysis tools to further improve the lean six sigma analysis environment;

  • Product sorting and grouping for high mix operations
  • Detailed routing analysis for every object flowing through the system
  • Efficiency computation reports
  • Part based efficiency and its effect on the overall model
  • Cycle time breakdown showing non value added time and schedules in a Gantt chart format
  • Effects of transition and product movement on the flow

Multple Scenario Analysis Custom Reports

lean six sigma simulation On-Screen Dashboards

Simcad Pro: On-The-Fly Dynamic Simulation


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