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Define and Manage Processes

Define and Manage Processes

To define and manage processes, click on Manage Processes;

A list of currently defined processes is displayed. Click on any tile to edit the process detail.

Define and Manage Processes

To add a process, click Add Process on the top right corner and define the process name and description.

Click the Home or SimData® logo to return to the home page.

Define and Manage Objects and Resources

In addition, SimData® allows you to add additional detail to the data collection process by allowing the process to be assigned a resource (man power) or an object (entity). Although this is not required, it may provide more detailed data in some situations.

To define objects and resources, click Manage Objects or Edit Resources buttons. The interface is similar to the process definition.

Note that after the objects and resources are defined, they can be attached to the processes by editing the process definition through Manage Processes.

Data Collection

To collect data, click on Data Collection, the following screen is displayed.

Data Collection

Click under Define Process, a list of process is displayed. One process name can be selected at a time. Click Ok to select the process. In the case where objects and resources have been defined, perform the same function for both, if not, you can ignore this step.

Click the Add button to add the process to the data collection grid.

Data Collection

Tap the process tile to start the timer, the color of the process changes to green indicating that the process is in data collection mode. Tap it again to stop the timer and record the time, the process color changes to red indicating that no data collection is being performed.

Repeat the process of starting and stopping the timer as necessary. Multiple processes could have their timers running, and there is no limit to the number of processes in the list.

To add a new process definition, click on Add Process (top right), and the process definition screen is displayed. All data collection remains active during that cycle. After the process definition is added, click on Home or SimData® logo to return to the data collection screen.

To delete a process during data collection, click on the Delete button (bottom left), the process icons color will change to yellow to the data collection screen.

Reports and Graphs

At any time during the data collection sequence, you can view reports of the collected data set or display the data in a graph format. Click the Reports or Data Graphs from the home screen to generate the required data view.

Reports and Graphs

Data Export

The displayed data can be exported using the Export to CSV button on the top right corner of the reports and graph section. Only the displayed data set is exported to the CSV file. A file name needs to be specified for the export to be completed.

To clear the collected data and process definition, click the Clear Collected Data (top right).

Accessing CSV Files from iOS Devices

For iOS users, connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed in order to access your CSV files. Click on your connected device at the top of the iTunes window and select “File Sharing.”

Reports and Graphs

Navigate to the SimData® folder. Your CSV files will be located there.

Reports and Graphs


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