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smaRTLS -Real-Time Location Systems

Real-Time Location System - RTLS

smaRTLS® is a patented technology developed by CreateASoft that simplifies the installation, connectivity and configuration of multiple locator devices and technologies (Active RFID, Passive RFID, Barcode, GPS and others).

smaRTLS® incorporates a state of the art signal filtering engine that eliminates redundant reads and location signals while maintaining a highly accurate positioning of each tagged entity, in Real-Time. smaRTLS® provides the capability to read from and write to tags, on-the-fly, while accurately tracking each entity.

Digital Twin Studio powered by smaRTLS

RTLS for Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehouse, Distribution Center tracking system - workflow RTLS tracking: resources, products, inventory, material handling, and more...

Digital Twin Studio Powered By smaRTLS® - Smart Real-Time Location Systems (Active RFID, Passive RFID, Barcode, GPS and others)

  • Connects to a single or hybrid system of location technologies
  • Combines all collected data into a single coherent stream into the Digital Twin Studio
  • Automatically creates entity relationship for traceability and chaining
  • Built in auto-configurator for hands-off maintenance.
  • Provides accurate location data through proximity tags
  • Tablet mode support - Walk the operation for real-time accurate inventory count.
  • Reduces infrastructure cost


Turn passive tags into Intelligent Proximity Tags with smaRTLS proprietary tracking and chaining technology.

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