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Optimization provides powerful capability where a user can prompt the tool for a solution or an optimal value for a model or process property. However, this type of optimization fails to provide the user with the knowledge needed in terms of why the problems occurred, what conditions are likely to lead to similar problems, and exactly how and in what sequence the improvements should be implemented. With Simcad Pro there are multiple methods for optimizing a model.

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These approaches include,

  • Integrated Work-Order and Schedule Optimization,
  • Dynamic Optimization,
  • Interactive Optimization.

In real life you don't have the option of plugging in a number to fixed operational problems. With Simcad Pro's advanced optimization capabilities you will be able to understand the conditions that contributed to the problems.

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Integrated Work-Order / Scheduling Optimization:

Simcad Pro’s work order optimizer analyzes the production, object, and patient arrival sequence and then works to converge to the point where lead time closely matches cycle time and the most effective and efficient method of sequencing the work order is identified.

Dynamic Optimization:

With Dynamic optimization you are no longer stuck with a black box; a result with which you are not sure how was determined and how that result can be realistically implemented. Simcad Pro's dynamic optimization piece provides users with the information needed to understand how the problem occurred, what situations and parameters will lead to similar situations and how to properly implement the changes needed to achieve the optimized state.

Interactive Physics Optimization:

Interactive Optimization helps the user understand dynamics of the environment and how they impact performance, and how the problem arose and what conditions occurred to create said problem. As the user interacts with the model the impact of potential improvements is instantly realized and the users can move forward with additional testing for validity and fit within the scope of the operations capability.

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