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Simcad Pro Training and Tutorials


Warehouse Using Random Pick Simulation

Warehouse Racks and Aisles Pt 1 Create a Start and End process Create two processes – Rack Module 1 Rack Module 2 Select Rack Module 1 – Change the timing Capacity Display settings In Display Settings 2D/3D Change the 3D Process Image Size of the process Rotation of the process - this may take some adjusting Read more

Warehouse Pick Sequence Simulation

To connect a database to Simcad first switch to the Flow Properties tab Select Model Extensions Here click Define Database Connection New Connection Enter a Connection Name (PickSequence) Click Define Connection Next select MS Office 12.0 Access Database Engine Here you will need to manually enter the file location, to do this select the file from your folder, right click and select Properties, shown here Read more

Warehouse Pick Simulation

Switch to the Flow Properties tab Go into Model Extensions Select Define Database Connections and New Connection Name it 'Internal' and select Save Select it from the list and check Connect Database to Data Import Tables Go into Internal Data Store Select Manage Sections, create 'Warehouse' and 'PickSequence' For 'PickSequence' add 4 columns: OrderNumber - Integer SKU - String Quantity - Integer PickedYet - Integer Check Store section data in model definition Read more

Warehouse Rack and Aisle Simulation

Create Start Process - 'Start Pick' End Process - 'Order End' Generic Process - 'MOD_Rack' Select 'Mod_Rack', right click and select Convert to Base Module and then delete the process Next use Auto-Create Processes to create as many rack aisles as desired. Select Copy properties from the MOD process you created. Be sure to enter a Middle as a naming convention Reposition and Align the processes Select an outside aisle and select Auto-Create Path Select Vertical Single Side Set the proper Path Direction The proper Location for the Connectors Read more

Multiple Level Assembly Using a Work Order

Go into Objects and Containment Create seven new objects: 'ContainerA', ContainerB', 'ContainerC', 'Item1', 'Item2', 'Item3', and 'Item4' Select Components for 'ContainerA' Add 'Item1' and 'Item2' Set Min/Max to 0 Select Components for 'ContainerB' Add 'Item3' and 'Item4' Set Min/Max to 0 Select Components for 'ContainerC' Add 'ContainerA' and 'ContainerB' Set Min/Max to 0 Check Create Object Components when container is created Read more

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