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Simcad Pro Training and Tutorials


Object Disassembly Simulation

  • In the "Object definition and containment" interface, create 2 objects "Boxes" and "Truck". Select the "display object value" box.
  • Click on the Truck object and select "Object Components."
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Object Assembly In Process Simulation

Start by going into Objects and Containment and creating three new objects: Part1 Part2 Part Container Click Components for 'Part Container' Add both 'Part1' and 'Part2' Set the Min/Max for 'Part1' to 3/3 Leave 'Part2' at 1/1 Let’s change the color of each of the new objects to make identifying them easier, go into Define Object Dimensions and 3D Control and give each object a new color Lastly check Display Object Value, this will show the name of the object during simulation Read more

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