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Basic Connection Line Manipulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Thursday, May 22, 2014/Categories: Basic Simulation Modeling

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  • Start by creating 2 processes, a start and an end process.
  • Select the connection line tool and begin at the start process. Instead of dropping the line on the end process, however, drop it on the canvas. This creates an anchor point. Repeat the process for 3 more anchor points and then drop the final one on the End process.
  • Click on the canvas once, and then click on the connection line. All anchor points are displayed in red. Click and drag the anchor points to adjust their positions.
  • Right click on any section of the line and select “add point.” This creates a new anchor point.
  • Right click on any anchor point and select “delete point” to delete the anchor point.
  • Run the simulation, the objects created follow the line path to their destination.

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