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Process Timing Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 23, 2014/Categories: Basic Simulation Modeling

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  • Go into Objects and Containment
    • Create two new objects - 'Part 1' and 'Part 2'
    • Check Display Object Value
  • Create a Start Process, 'Start', a Generic Process, 'Process', and an End Process, 'End'.
  • Use the Interprocess Connection tool to connect the model from 'Start' to 'Process' to 'End'
  • Next select 'Start'
    • Go into Define Object Creation Rules
      • Switch to Create Objects Based on Distribution
      • Set the Distribution Percentages
        - Part 1 - 50%
        - Part 2 - 50%
  • Now select the connection line leaving 'Start' and Customize
    • Go into Behavior: Conveyors, Polling, and Carriers
      • Check Block if next destination is busy
  • Finally select 'Process'
    • Go into Process Timing Properties
      • Part 1 - 30 Seconds Min/Max
      • Part 2 - 60 Seconds Min/Max
  • Switch to the Simulation tab and click Start
  • View the Selected Item Analysis window and select 'Process' and look into the Process Progress to see the difference in Avg. Processing between the two objects.



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