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Building a Cannon Factory Model - Tutorial Part 2

Cannon Factory Model

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Monday, April 25, 2016/Categories: Building a Cannon Factory

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  • Now to add a second area to the model
  • First create a new object in Objects and Containment:
    • 'Base'
    • With multiple objects in the model it'll be more difficult to see which is which, if you check Display Object Value this will show the name of each object
    • As well by going into Define Object Dimensions and 3D Control you have the ability to change the color of each object as well
  • Create five new Generic Processes that will be the area for the 'Base' object:
    • 'RouteBase’
    • 'MachineBase1'
    • 'MachineBase2
    • 'PaintBase1'
    • 'PaintBase2'
  • Place a connector between 'Router' and 'RouteBase', then another on the bottom to the right of 'AvailableCannon'. Also here place another Generic Process: 'BaseStaging'
  • Use the Interprocess Connection Tool to connect the layout as shown in the video

Link to Cannon Factory Training Model Description (PDF)

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