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Building an ED Simulation Model

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, January 6, 2016/Categories: ED Model Building Example

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The ED HealthCare tutorials will show you how to build a simulation model from the very beginning using a generic layout. First you will build a department for the patients to run through once they get into each room, the department they go into will be based on the patients acuity. Using an Excel sheet, we import it to create a Work Order, all patients will come into the model via a Start Process and be routed into the clinic based on acuity. This model will also include Resources (MDs and RNs) this will make sure that patients will only be worked with while a RN or MD is with them. We use resources in this sense to compare how many staff are needed to take care of patient flow into the clinic, sense the number of resources and patients can be changed every model run it’s easy to set a baseline for either and work with the other value to maximize efficiency. We also add in Results Processes to actively track certain values of the model such as: wait times, length of stay times, and utilization of the resources and rooms.

The concepts of this model include:

  • Building a ED Healthcare model from scratch
  • Creation of a Department
  • Importing a layout for model building
  • Excel Import for Work Order – giving each patient a different acuity
  • Routing the patients into the model based on acuity
  • Using polling to make sure that only one patient is in any room at any one time
  • Sending patients to a Sub-Flow (Department) based on acuity
  • Setting up the model to ensure that patients are only moving through the model when a resource is present with that patient
  • Setting up room cleanings after every patients leaves a room
  • Routing patients out of the facility based on conditions
  • Tracking certain variables and values with Results Processes


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