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Simcad Pro Training and Tutorials


Process Setup and Change Over

First go into Objects and Containment Create two new objects: 'Part1' and 'Part2' Check Display Object Value Go into Define Object Dimensions and 3D Control Change the color of each new object. Use the Start Process tool to create 'Start' Go into Define Object Creation Rules Switch to Create Objects Based on Distribution Now set the % for both objects Part1 - 60 Part2 - 40 Read more

Conditional Routing, Changeover, MTBF, Extensions

Start with the 'Process Setup and Change Over' model Switch to the Flow Properties tab Select Additional Properties Definition Switch Parameter Context to Object Create a new variable here 'Obj_PartType' – Integer Select both 'P1' and 'P2' and Customize Select Process Extensions/Event Handling Under ObjectActivated Insert five lines Line 1 - Condition Action, Edit and Enter - ObjectType == 'Part1' Read more

Least Busy Process Selection Simulation

  • Open the flow properties and click on the "Object definition and containment" option. Add a new object called "Part1". The object part1 will be displayed in the default image "Blue Box" of Simcad Pro, unless you choose a different image file.
  • Create a Start process and open the "Object creation rules" option. Select the single object creation, and then select Part1 as the object to create from the pull down list.
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Implementing Process Rework and QA Simulation

  • Use the Start Process tool to create, 'Start'
    • Then use the Generic Process tool to create: 'QA Operation' and 'Rework'.
    • Lastly create an End Process, 'End'.
  • Next use the Interprocess Connection tool to create the flow of the model.
    • Connect 'Start' to 'QA Operation'
    • Then split to both 'Rework' and 'End'.
    • Lastly be sure to reconnect 'Rework' to 'QA Operation'.
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Routing Object Based On Type Simulation

  • Start by opening “Objects and Containment”
    • Define two separate objects as “Part 1” and “Part 2”
    • Check “Display Object Value”
  • Create a Start Process and call it “Start(Part 1/Part 2)”
    • Select “Define Object Creation Rules”
      • Select “Create Objects Based on Distribution”
      • Select “Part 1” and “Part 2” for the object types and set both percentages equal to 50
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