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Implementing Process Rework and QA Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 23, 2014/Categories: Object Routing

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  • Use the Start Process tool to create, 'Start'
    • Then use the Generic Process tool to create: 'QA Operation' and 'Rework'.
    • Lastly create an End Process, 'End'.
  • Next use the Interprocess Connection tool to create the flow of the model.
    • Connect 'Start' to 'QA Operation'
    • Then split to both 'Rework' and 'End'.
    • Lastly be sure to reconnect 'Rework' to 'QA Operation'.
  • The goal here is to send a percentage of objects to 'Rework' from 'QA Operation', representing random testing or failures within a line.
  • Select 'QA Operation' and Customize, go into Least busy/Randomized Routing and check Random Selection based on Preset Distribution then set the % Distribution for each.
    • End - 85
    • Rework - 15
  • Now select 'Rework' and go into Process Timing Properties.
    • Set the Default Timing to 10/20 Seconds for Min/Max.
  • Switch over to the Simulation tab
    • Cilck Start
  • As the model runs objects will be periodically be sent to 'Rework'. In this model we use 'Rework' as a place holder, it could represent a single process (as used here) or an entire department depending on the need.
  • Random Selection based on Preset Distribution works with a wide range of destinations and is used primarily when the distribution of objects is known ahead of time.



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