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Least Busy Process Selection Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 23, 2014/Categories: Object Routing

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  • Open the flow properties and click on the "Object definition and containment" option. Add a new object called "Part1". The object part1 will be displayed in the default image "Blue Box" of Simcad Pro, unless you choose a different image file.
  • Create a Start process and open the "Object creation rules" option. Select the single object creation, and then select Part1 as the object to create from the pull down list.
  • Create a generic process, called "Least Busy Selection"
  • Set the process routings to "next process selection".
  • In the Next Process Selection interface, click on “Select the least busy process”
  • Create 2 additional processes, "process1" and "process 2". Set their timings to be 5 to 10 on process1, and 2 to 12 on process 2.
  • Create an End process to signal the end of the flow
  • Connect the processes with connection line as follows;
  • Start to Least busy selection;
  • Least busy to Process 1;
  • Least busy to Process 2;
  • Process 1 to End;
  • Process 2 to End;


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