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Module Operating Room Facility P4

OR Tutorial

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 26, 2017/Categories: OR Capacity Analysis Model

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The final part of this tutorial will cover the building of the OR room module and polling throughout the model. Since each patient is predestined for a room that means that polling is crucial to have in the model. Also there is no polling leaving the OR rooms, this is due to the need to have OR rooms empty as often as possible to fit in as many operations as possible. At the end of each operation a Cleaning object will be created in the room to perform a turn around on the room. The time period for the turnaround can be adjusted at the beginning of each model run through the Model Parameter M_TurnAroundTime. Now that the model has been built it’s time to make a run, as the model runs be sure to check the two tables, the ORStats table holds all of the necessary patient information that is provided in the model through the Work Order.

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