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Simcad Pro Training and Tutorials


Defining Resource Transition Simulation

  • Open the “Object Definition and Containment" interface. Add a new object called Part1. The object part1 will be displayed in the default image "Blue Box" of Simcad Pro.
  • Open the "Resources Definition and Shifts" interface.
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Defining and Applying Resources Simulation

Go into Objects and Containment Create two new objects: 'Part1' 'Part2' Check Display Object Value Select Define Object Dimensions and 3D Control Change the color of each new object Next go into Resources and Shifts Create two new Resources and set Available Number: 'Resource1' - 1 'Resource2' - 1 Be sure to click Add after each entry Use the Start Process tool to create 'Start Use the Generic Process tool to create: 'Process1' and 'Process2' Read more

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