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Batching Multiple Lanes Tutorials

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, January 6, 2016/Categories: Simcad Pro 12 - New Features Training

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This set of tutorials will show you how to set up a multiple lane model, this model will utilize Least Busy Routing and assembly processes. There are many different ways that lanes can be set up, whether there is assembly or not, this tutorial will show you how to build an instance of both.

The concepts of the model include:

  • Building a lane model from scratch
  • Assembly and Disassembly
  • How to setup correct behavior for the lanes
  • Types of batching (assembly)
  • Least Busy Routing into lanes with and without assembly required


Tutorial P1
This video sets up the model with object creation and starts layout of the model, it will also feature some assembly and disassembly done before the lanes are built. The different types of assembly and disassembly are present in this video, pay close attention to how the disassembly is done in this video, as it is important to know when to split grouped/assembled objects based on the contents inside of the container.

Tutorial P2
This tutorial finishes the lane model layout and focuses on the behavior of the model, this will be without assembly in the lanes. The next video will convert this layout into a lane model that includes batching (assembly) in the lanes.

Tutorial P3
This converts part 2 into a lane model that features assembly at the beginning of each lane, the approach to batching is different from the normal assembly used in Simcad, allowing all required parts to get to the start of each lane before being batched into the container and run through the lane. This requires extra setup and will perform differently than normal assembly.

Tutorial P1 Video

Tutorial P2 Video

Tutorial P3 Video


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