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1-Tank Formula

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, January 6, 2016/Categories: Tank Schedule Optimization - Formula and CIP/Cleaning

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The Tank Formula Tutorials will show you how to set up a line of tanks that will be filled with specific formulas, each tank will only be filled with one type of formula. This will be done using a Database, by using an internal database we can save information such as volumes and formulas for each tank. This will assist in both filling and pulling from the tanks. Orders will be created that require a volume of a specific formula, using the database the model will find the correct tank for each order, whether that tank has enough to fill the order or not, then find other tanks that hold the same formula. This model heavily relies on the database, because there is no set formula for a specific tank, meaning that the model displays dynamic results, the best and easiest way to track these changes are with a database.

The concepts of the model include:

  • Building a tank facility model from scratch
  • Creating a database
  • Using the database to update values dynamically
  • Calling the database to perform look ups and updates to the database based on certain events that happen within the model
  • Creating and using Object Variables
  • Creating a custom Work Order
  • Routing based on database conditions – volume and formula
  • Setting up the Orders to dynamically search and pull from tanks based on the database
  • Sending objects to different End Processes based on conditions – allowing to see different scenarios; such as orders that were not filled and formulas that were not used to fill tanks
  • Actively tracking tank volumes and tank formulas with Results Processes

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