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Auto Create Storage Racks

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, November 18, 2020/Categories: Warehouse Template

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This tutorial will show you how to auto create storage racks using the auto create tool.

In the model build tab go to the auto create drop down and select storage rack, click build module and click ok.

Create and drag the area you wish to build your processes in.

Next you will see the auto create settings menu. This will allow you to structure and modify the naming conventions of the aisle, as well as the racks, levels and modules applied. If no module is select then one will be auto created.

In the video with those settings applied, 6 racks will be created with 3 levels starting at 31. They will also have the naming convention PF_31_01 for rack 31 level 1.

The rack load/unload properties are the processes that will be a part of the model logic and flow.

Set the dimensions desired and Click create rack use a module if you want the dimensions and settings to be consistent.

Repeat the steps until you have a desired amount of racks.

Also align them if necessary.

Select the process you created and within the auto create tab select path. This will then bring up the create path settings window. You can make any adjustments to the formatting here and In the video we will be able using a horizontal double side with bi directional path. Properties will be set to the module “pick path aisle travel’ create path when finished.

Paths are created between the aisles now and place connectors if more formatting is required. Additional alignment and sizing can also be done at this point. Make sure to apply the modules if you used modules.

You can also select the group of processes from the model tree to monitor the group names and change them if necessary. Make sure no two processes have the same name.

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Warehouse Template - Auto Create Storage Racks

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