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Importing Data From Excel

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, November 18, 2020/Categories: Warehouse Template

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This tutorial will show you how to import data from Excel into your simulation model.

First, go to the Flow Properties tab at the top and select ‘Internal Data Store’ from the menu at the top.

The tables in the model are in the drop down list under section name. This data will be imported into the location definition table.

Select Excel Link on the window, this is where you will load the Excel file.

Under Select Excel File to Load: click Browse and select the Excel file you want to load. You can import a specific data range by selecting the work sheet and changing the “To Cell” Column.

Preview the data by selecting “Import/Preview Data”. Once you’ve reviewed the data set, import the work sheet.

Once data has been imported into the internal tables, additional rows that are not filled out will appear as empty. Integers and doubles are shown as 0 to reflect blank data points, and strings are shown as empty within the data table.

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Warehouse Template - Importing Data From Excel

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