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Picking and Replenishment Module

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Thursday, May 4, 2017/Categories: Warehousing and Logistics Modules

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Warehouse Picking and Replenishment Module

This is a module for warehouse picking and replenishment, running the inventory and slotting from the rack slotting module this model can simulate the picking sequence of items in the warehouse setting. After the initial inventory has been sent out to the proper locations and the RackQuantities table has been populated with the current inventory, the model creates pick requests for certain items. These items are collected on an event trigger basis, which can be changed to meet any conditions. As the pick requests are fulfilled the current inventory decreases and once a threshold is met a request for item replenishment is made in the Replenishment table. When there is a request for replenishment the model handles these on a highest priority basis and will continue to fulfill all replenishment requests indefinitely until all have been processed.

Tables in this model are mostly built within the model but there is a need for both an initial inventory Work Order and an item information table, these can be imported from the rack slotting module. The other tables in the model record all requests for picking and replenishment.

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