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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Tuesday, June 2, 2015/Categories: Simcad Pro v11.5 Training & Tutorials

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  • Intersections - This tutorial will show you how to set up Intersections for Tuggers, Carriers and even objects to move through, by using the correct layout it's possible to keep multiple items from using the same intersection at once, furthering the realism of the simulation. This type of restriction is useful when using the same areas to move in different directions, as to not create cluster and to keep things moving smoothly.
  • Open Objects and Containment
    • Create Part 1
    • Check Display Object Value
    • Select Define Object Dimensions and 3D Control
      • Change the color of the two new items
  • Open Carriers and Robots
    • Create Cart
  • Now we need to create a Start Process for each of the new items
    • Cart Start
    • Part Start
  • Now we need to create some Generic Processes
    • Load Cart needs to be close to the Start Processes
    • Then create 5 Drop Processes in a spaced out but organized layout.
  • Next we need to create our Intersection
    • No this by using Connectors, place one in the middle and one for each path.
  • Now connect all Connectors and allow both directions to be travelled.
  • Select the entire Intersection
    • Right click a connection line and select Item Properties
      • Select Customize
        • Go into Behavior, Conveyors, Polling, and Carriers and check
          • Block if next destination is busy
          • Enable Group Polling
          • Ignore Destination Process
          • Ignore Object in Transition
  • Select the entire Intersection
    • Right click and select Grouping - Group Items- name the group Intersection 1.
  • Select the entire Group again
    • Copy and Paste to create the other intersection - add a Process name extension to the paste.
  • To keep the processes from backing up we need to add an entrance Connector from each Process to the Intersection.
  • Place a Connector outside of each side of the intersection.
  • Connect both Start Processes to Load Cart.
  • Connect:
    • All processes to the Intersections
    • Intersection to Process
    • Process to Entrance Connector
    • Entrance Connector to Intersection
  • Spread the entrance Connectors out so it's easier to select the connection between it and the Intersection.
  • Select all connection lines between the entrance Connectors and the Intersection
    • Double click a line and select Behavior, Conveyors, Polling, and Carriers and check
      • Block if next destination is busy
      • Enable group polling
      • Ignore Destination Process
      • Ignore Active Objects at Destination.
  • We need to set the Define Object Creation Rules for both Start Processes –
    • Part Start needs to create Part 1 Objects.
    • Cart Start needs to Create Carriers Only – Cart
      • Check Stop the Process After and set it to 3.
  • In order to use a Carrier at a process we must set the Carrier Requirements
  • Start with Load Cart – Customize
    • Select Carrier Requirements.
      • Click Insert New Carrier Definition
        • Change the Object Type to Part 1
        • Change the Object Type to Part 1
        • Set the Min. Load and Max. Load to 3
        • Check Enable Object Based Carriers
        • Be sure to set the Number of Empty Carriers to 3
  • Now we need to set the routing for Load Cart - double click the process – Customize
    • Select Least Busy/Randomized Routing.
      • Check Evenly Distribute work among processes
      • Ignore the Connector and Load Cart.
  • Now select all of the Drop Processes – Customize
    • Select Process/Object/Conditional Routing
      • Only set routing for the Cart and send it to Load Cart.
    • Apply Timing Properties to each Drop Process.
  • To better view the Intersection select the whole Intersection and right click on a connection line and select Item Properties.
    • In Speed/Distance/Capacity
      • Set the fixed Transfer Time to 15.
  • Change the Speed/Distance/Capacity on the connection line from the Cart Start
    • Set the Fixed Transfer Time to 15.
  • Run the simulation.



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