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Storage Racks Build Module

The new Storage Rack Build module allows users to quickly build warehouse style racks for both use in 2D and 3D. Select the Storage Rack option from the Auto Create drop down and select Build Module and click and drag an area in the view. The window pops up with options for how to build the row of storage racks. A group is made with all of the desired racks, the processes in the front of the racks are the load/unload processes.
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Carrier Object Offset

The Carrier Object Offset feature allows user to define and adjust the position of objects when placed on a carrier. In the Carrier and Robots definition select the desired carrier to be able to adjust the Carrier loading area and the Carrier Object Position Offset. This may take several attempts to get correct depending on the object and carrier sizes as well as desired visual.
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Conveyor Accumulation

The Conveyor Accumulation Behavior feature forces the connection line to spread the objects on it out across the entire line. Without this feature enabled the objects on a long connection line will bunch towards the end, while still obeying the distance in-between objects (if set) the connection line has the potential to reach its capacity while still making the line appear very empty. With the accumulation behavior enabled on the connection line the objects will stay even spaced on the line based on total length and capacity, making the line appear fuller more often.
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Combine Connectors and Replace Module with Processes

The Combine Connectors features allows the user to effectively reduce the number of connectors in a given area, this does not delete any connection lines to or from processes and will keep any settings placed on those connections lines to and from the processes
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