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Process Shifts

Simcad Pro v11.5

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Tuesday, June 2, 2015/Categories: Simcad Pro v11.5 Training & Tutorials

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  • Process Shifts - In this tutorial you will learn how to set up Shifts and how to apply them to processes, also how to properly set up the rest of the model to work with processes that are on set Shifts. By adding a Shift to a process it applies timing restrictions on that process, determining when it can and cannot perform work. This is very useful in many situations where departments or sections of departments are shut down during different times of the day.
  • Start by switching to the Flow Properties tab
    • Select Define Model Shifts.
      • Enter: Shift 1 and click Add Shift Definition, add Shift 2 and Shift 3.
  • Putting a Process on a shift will control when that Process does not work, it will receive objects but not process any during any Breaks.
    • Each Shift is now in the drop down menu - with Shift 1 selected
      • Click and drag from Monday 0h to Sunday 4h and click Mark Selection as Break.
      • Do this again for Monday 8h through Sunday 12h
    • Switch to Shift 2
      • Mark Monday 4h through Sunday 8h and Monday 12h through Sunday 16hr as Break
    • Switch to Shift 3
      • Mark Monday 2h through Sunday 6h and Monday 10h through Sunday 14h as break
    • Switch between the Shifts to see the differences in the when each is on a Break and when they are available.
  • Now switch back to the Model Build tab
    • Build a Start Process – Start
    • Three Generic Processes- Process(1-3)
    • An End Process - End
  • Now connect Start to each Process and each process to End
  • Select each Process(1-3)
    • Select Process Timing Properties
      • Enter: 30 for both min and max timing.
      • Give each Process a different Shift.
  • Select the Start Process and click Customize
    • Select Least Busy/ Randomized Routing
      • Check Evenly distribute work among processes
      • Check Recompute Destination Process if it is blocked or can not accept objects.
      • This will force the Start Process routing to change when the Process(1-3) goes on Break and won't keep sending it objects
  • To see the Shift changes immediately we need to change the simulation start time, switch back to Flow Properties tab
    • Select Simulation Duration and Date
      • Change Hour(24) and Minutes to 0
  • Select each connection line coming from the Start Process - click Customize
    • Select Behavior, conveyors, Polling, and Carriers.
      • Check Block if next destination is busy.
  • Switch to the Simulation and click Start.
  • Open the Model Analysis tab to see the current run time of the simulation - to speed the simulation up check Enable Time Compression and increase run speed.
  • You can see the changes in the Shifts at each 2hr mark, a Process on Break will not be processing anything but can still have something in its Queue. You can eliminate this by going into the process Capacity and Buffer and changing the Queue Capacity to 0.



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