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Tugger and Carrier Feature Part 2

Simcad Pro v11.5

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Tuesday, June 2, 2015/Categories: Simcad Pro v11.5 Training & Tutorials

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Tugger and Carrier Feature Part 2 - These two tutorial videos go over the Tugger and Carrier features of Simcad. These videos will teach you how to create both Tuggers and Carriers and what they can do, also how to set up a Tugger hook and release Carriers at any process, how to load and unload a Carrier exactly where desired, and how to effectively set up a layout so that congestion of Tuggers, Carriers and Objects is minimized for a smooth running simulation.

- Select all three Drop Off Processes and select Carrier Requirements.

- Check Limit Carrier Release to : Check Release no more than a maximum number of objects - Max - 0.

- Change Number of Empty Carriers to 2 - for both Tugger and Cart to be processed together when they arrive.

- Drop Off is where the Tugger will leave the Cart - we tell it to do this by checking Release Cart when Loaded - At Most and set to 1 - Also set Maximum Carts to Release to 1, this should be the total of Empty and Loaded Carts that are to be released by the Tigger at this process.

- Check Apply to all Processes.

- Select all three Pick up Processes and select Carrier Requirements.

- Set the Number of Empty Carriers to 6 - because potentially all Carriers could be at this process.

- We will be hooking empty Carts at this process to take back to the Depot to have them refilled with Parts at the Cart load - we do this by Checking Hook Cart When Empty - Atleast - 0 -, then set Maximum Carts to Hook to 1.

- Check Apply to all Processes.

- Double click Depot and select Carrier Requirements.

- Check Release Cart When Empty - At Most, change it to 1 and set Maximum to 1, change Number of Empty Carriers to 2.

- Now we need to set the Routing - Select Cart Pick Up, Customize, and Least Busy/Randomized Routing.

- We want this process to randomly select processes but we only want it to go to the Drop Off Processes, so check Ignore on the Connector and Depot.

- Set the routing for eacj Drop Off to Process/Object/Condition Routing and set the Default Routing to Pick Up and the Cart to Unload.

- Set the routing for each Unload to Process/Object/Condition Routing as well, but only set routing for the Cart to Pick Up - This means the objects (Parts) will end here even without it being an End Process.

- All Pick Up Processes will have the same routing - Select Process/Object/Conditional Routing and set Default Routing to Depot.

- Repeat these steps for the other stops - Drop Off splits Tuggers (Default Routing to Pick Up) and Carts (Unload) and Unload only sends Carts to Pick Up, finally Pick Up Default Routing is set to Depot.

- Lastly we set the routing of Depot - double click and select Process/Object/Conditional Routing from the Customize list.

- Set the Default Routing to Cart Pick Up and set Cart to Cart Load.

- Because multiple items will be moving all at once, it's important to remember that all connection lines have a default Line Capacity of 1 - and needs to be able to handle the maximum potential - with only 1 Tugger and a max cart haul of 1 we need to set Capacity to at least 2, entering more than that won't hurt anything.

- Click and drag over the entire layout, make sure all lines are selected - right click and line and select Item Properties - but make sure the correct window pops up.

- Select Speed/Distance/Capacity and change the Line Capacity to 3, also change the Fixed Transfer Time to 10.

- Select Display Settings 2D/3D and check From Process and To Process under Extend to centers of - this provides a more consistent look and flow for the Tugger and Carts to move along.

- Check Apply to All.

- Lastly we need to set the Timing and Process Capacity and Buffer of the Unload Processes.

- Double click and select Timing Properties - set to 2-3 minutes.

- Then select Process Capacity and Buffer and set Process Capacity to 3.

-Run the simulation. (Tugger=Pink, Cart=Purple, Parts=Green)



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