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Healthcare Simulation Software

Healthcare Simulation Software

On-The-Fly, Interactive, Dynamic

Healthcare Simulation, Modeling and Optimization

A Patented simulation modeling environment delivers
unmatched ease of use and real time optimization.

Modify the model during the simulation run, analyze the impact of constraint changes without the need to stop/restart the simulation.

  • Enhanced 64-bit multi-threaded engine with improved speed - Unlimited model size, Unlimited Data
  • Add, modify, and remove constraints and definitions
  • Modify model flows, speeds and capacities - On The Fly, while the simulation is running
  • Add and modify processes and inter-process connections
  • Add and modify custom KPI dashboards
  • Analyze the model flow with live resource, process, and object monitoring

Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Health® Healthcare Simulation Software

Graphical Model Flow and Constraints

healthcare simualtion

On-The-Fly User Interaction

healthcare simualtion

SimData® Input Time and Motion Studies

healthcare simualtion

Digital Twin Studio® Replay with Simulation

Replay with simualtion

Constraint Variability Real-Time Connectivity

healthcare simualtion

Constraint Variability

healthcare simualtion

Next Generation Predictive Analytics and Dynamic Simulation

Simcad Pro Health®, offers an intuitive and interactive 3D simulation environment to improve, optimize and visualize healthcare systems. From ED and OR to hospital logistics and resource planning, Simcad Pro Health® integrates with live and historical data to provide the most effective and interactive healthcare simulation system on the market today.


Simcad Pro Health® Dynamic Simulation Features

Dynamic Healthcare Simulation

dynamic process simualtion

2D and 3D Visualization / Animation

2d and 3d visulization / animation

Dynamic Value Stream Mapping

dynamic value stream mapping

Multiple Scenario Analysis

multiple scenario analysis

Custom Reports

custom reports

Scheduling and Gantt Chart

scheduling and gantt chart

2D & 3D Animation

Integrated 2D and 3D visualization engine provides
both 2D and 3D visualization with detailed animations.

Includes Custom dashboards, full 3D Animation capability, Auto-scaling from CAD files, collision detection, and support for a large set of 2D and 3D file formats.

  • Library-based customizable icons supporting multiple 2D & 3D file formats
  • Real-time visualization in 2D and 3D with animated 2D and 3D components
  • Automatic creation of animated flows
  • Unlimited nesting of flow layers and elevations

2D and 3D Healthcare Simulation Models

healthcare simualtion
healthcare simualtion
healthcare simualtion
healthcare simualtion

Real-Time Data and External Connectivity

External Data Systems (Extensive connectivity to most data systems)- Unlimited number of external data connections or applications.

Connect prior to, during, and after the simulation run. Analyze data with the built in scenario manager, or export it to a wide variety of applications.

  • Integrated connectivity tools to most data systems including WMS, ERP, WCS, EMR/EHR, databases and Excel
  • Use actual data to increase model accuracy, support seasonality transition analysis, improve validation, and increase model flexibility
  • Built-in Data Distribution engine to simplify data gathering and application

Model Constrains and Modifications

Simcad Pro Health®’s patented on-the-fly interactive
simulation provides a truly dynamic modeling environment.

Interacting with simulation models while the engine is running drastically reduces development time and provides a greater understanding of the system and how constraints impact the operation. Interactive simulation models help achieve unmatched model flexibility and expandability.
  • Singular modeling construct
  • Interactive modeling, while the engine is running
  • No-code generated while building the model

Multiple model outputs and animated visuals generated with Singular Model Building Technology.

Integrated Lean Metrics and Value Stream Mapping

With every model built, Simcad Pro Health® automatically computes and generates the model value stream map and all required lean analysis

Including spaghetti diagrams, swim lanes, heat maps, efficiency and OEE analysis. Simcad Pro Health® also provides an extensive list of reporting and analysis tools to further improve the lean analysis environment:

  • Updates to the model constraints are dynamically transferred to the Value Stream Map and analysis
  • Cycle time breakdown showing non-value added time and schedules in a spreadsheet and Gantt chart format
  • Built in Scenario Analyzer tool with full graphing capability, interval analysis, variability and case analysis
  • Automated scenario control generation
  • Analyze and compare model variability
  • Generate data distribution for all tracked parameters
  • Simulation data-reset eliminates the effect of "warm-up" time

LEAN and Six Sigma Implementation

Multiple Scenario Analysis

healthcare simulation - Multple Scenario Analysis

On-Screen Dashboards

healthcare simulation - On-Screen Dashboards

Custom Fit Distributions

healthcare simulation - Custom Fit Distributions

Custom Reports

healthcare simulation - Custom Reports

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OVERVIEW: Simcad Pro Health - Features

Dynamic Simulation in Healthcare
3D Healthcare Simulation
Healthcare Simulation
Healthcare Simulation in 3D
Healthcare Predictive Analytics
  • On the fly dynamic interaction with point and click user interface
  • Full support for treatment levels, activities, and inter-department interaction
  • Unlimited model layering
  • Extensive Lean analysis including dynamic Value Stream Mapping, Spaghetti Diagram, and Efficiency Reports
  • Extensive out-of-the-box analysis and reporting including custom report builder and reusable library/ module based reporting
  • Dynamic Optimizer
  • CAD layout support with distance extraction and automatic animation
  • 2D and 3D animation and visualization
  • Built in support for quick data collection and dash-boarding
  • Unlimited data fitting analysis and custom distributions
  • Connectivity to external data before, during, and post simulation (EMR, Excel, other databases, RFID, RTLS, etc.)
  • Digital Twin Studio integration supporting HL7 interface
  • Full provider support, costing, shifts, and schedule detail
  • Scenario management and analysis
  • Internal and External module support
  • Schedule optimization and analysis
  • Forecasting engine
  • Digital Twin Studio Integration
  • SimData Healthcare Interface with auto-custom distribution fitting and model import
  • Interval timing - Door to Doc, Doc to Dispo, ...



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