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Simcad Simulation Software: Features - Scenario Analysis

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Quickly Building a model quickly is one thing, but in order to have a valid model you need analysis. With Simcad Pro, analysis and reporting is available out of the box without the need to define variables and establish formulas to capture lead time, cycle time, travel distances, efficiency, utilization, and many others.

Using Simcad Pro, Scenario Analysis is a natural extension of the modeling process. As you work through creating the baseline model and begin to compare various scenarios Simcad Pro's dynamic modeling environment allows you to compare these options using the integrated scenario analysis tool-set allowing you to view results through various graphs or spreadsheet reports.

Multiple Scenario Analysis

Multple Scenario Analysis

On-Screen Dashboards

On-Screen Dashboards

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Data Driven Dynamic Model Updates

All model components and constraints can be modified based on external data input while the simulation is running. Constraints can be changed based on timing or model conditions.

  • Add, remove, or modify processes and connections
  • Modify assembly component definition (per assembly component)
  • Change rates, yields, capacities, timings, change-over, and other constraints
  • Use actual data to increase model accuracy, support seasonality transition analysis, improve validation, and increase model flexibility

Model Views & Display Layers

simulation layers
  • All views support full animation capability
  • Define each view separately while sharing process properties and constraints
  • Dynamic Value Stream Map and Value Network Map
  • Detailed Process View with hyper-links;
  • Annotation display control
  • Multiple layer control

Model Data Input

scenario Analysis
  • Initial state loading, import, or model state capture
  • Work order, sequences and schedule definition
  • Dynamic object definition and containment loading
  • Model data input for individual processes
  • Other constraints (inventory, locations, ... )
  • SimData interface with Data fitting and dynamic model creation
  • Define, assign, and import custom object attributes

Built in Reports and Graphs

Scenario Analysis and Scheduling with Simulation
  • Detailed summary of every model component and constraint
  • Simulation reports detail key performance indicators (lead time, cycle time, hands on time, resource touches, travel distances, custom values, and more) as an average or variably through time
  • Detailed process and connection reports
  • Gantt chart provides detailed schedules for processes, objects, and resources
  • Simulation analysis reports provides bottleneck identification, constraints along with the contributing factors
  • Customization reporting and graphing tool for standard and user defined properties
  • Dynamic data export to external applications during and after the simulation run
  • Full object trace-ability with time stamped reporting
  • Custom report builder; define and reuse generated reports across models


Simcad Pro videos

View additional videos of process modeling, simulation and optimization.

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