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Simcad Simulation Software: Features - Scenario Analysis

Multiple Scenario Analysis - Scenario Analyzer Tool


Building a model quickly is one thing, but in order to have a valid model you need analysis. With Simcad Pro, analysis and reporting is available out of the box without the need to define variables and establish formulas to capture lead time, cycle time, travel distances, efficiency, utilization, and many others.

Using Simcad Pro, Scenario Analysis is a natural extension of the modeling process. As you work through creating the baseline model and begin to compare various scenarios Simcad Pro's dynamic modeling environment allows you to compare these options using the integrated scenario analysis toolset allowing you to view results through various graphs or spreadsheet reports.

Scenario Analysis - Scenario Analysis Software

Scenario Analyzer and Optimizer

  • Built in Scenario Analyzer tool with full graphing capability
  • Display up to 4 simultaneous graphs, each displaying multiple values
  • Scenario “data set” save feature with model copy
  • Complete data log with integrated log analyzer and graphing tool
  • Fully featured background Optimizer to help identify best scenarios
  • Work Order Optimizer generates the most efficient production sequence
Scenario Analyzer and Optimizer


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