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#1 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2015 12:38:59 PM(UTC)

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- I have an egagement requiring a simulation and am looking into a number of tools including iGrafx as possible solutions Does Simcad compare to iGrafx and are there any significant differences?


From a capability perspective there are some key features integrated into Simcad Pro's dynamic, no-code, modeling environment that make accurately modeling the operation much easier and faster from the user perspective. For example Simcad Pro has integrated support (without coding or scripting) for detailed multi level assembly and disassembly. Additional integrated support for carrier/AGV/fork truck/material handling equipment is included and definable through a standard point and click user interface. Detailed conveyor definition is also supported in the integrated point and click interface Simcad provides. Moreover detailed definition of resources/labor with shifts and the ability to segment labor as required is part of Simcad Pro's dynamic environment. From an animation perspective Simcad Pro provides a fully integrated animation environment in both 2D and 3D. There is no additional work required to animate the products, labor, assemblies or material handling equipment... Simcad Pro also provides a hover capability to dynamically view properties of individual entities within the integrated animated environment.

The following is a comparison between Simcad Pro and iGrafx from the perspective of defining a simple task, or what should be simple, of assigning detailed timing based on specific product types. With the level of work that goes into a simple task of assigning timing what can you expect when you get beyond the basics of a pretty picture and need to actually create an accurate model of your environment?

Simcad Pro Patented No-Code Dynamic Simulation vs Traditional Simulation with iGrafx Assigning product/object based timing: iGrafx requires:

1) Create a transaction attribute to represent the product type of each transaction.  

+ Choose Model - Attributes.  

+ Choose the Transaction Location.  

+ Choose the Add button.  

+ Enter an attribute name of Product.  

+ Choose the Define Types button.  

+ Enter a Type Name of ProductTypes.  

+ Enter the list of products in the Members section of the dialog box (separated by <Enter>). As an example, enter (ProductA ProductB ProductC).  

+ Choose the OK button to close the Define Attributes dialog box.  

2) Create a mapping function to provide the duration for each product.  

+ Choose Model - Functions.  

+ Choose the Add button.  

+ Enter a function name of AssignDuration.  

+ Choose a Function Type of Number.  

+ Choose the Argument button.  

+ Choose an Argument Type of ProductTypes (used in Step 1 above).  

+ Choose OK to close the dialog box.  

+ For each ProductTypes, enter a value to represent the duration of the activity.  

+ Choose the OK button.

 3) Use the mapping function in an expression for the duration of the activity.  

+ Double-Click the left mouse button on the activity in question.  

+ Choose the Task page or topic.  

+ Choose Work (upper left corner of the Properties dialog box).  

+ Choose Expression rather than a Constant duration.  

+ Click the left mouse button on the 'expression builder' to the right of the expression.  

+ In the Expression Builder dialog box, choose the f(x) button (Functions).

 + In the Paste Functions dialog box, choose the AssignDuration function (created in Step 2 above).  

+ Choose OK.  

+ Choose OK to close the Expression Builder.  

+ Set the time units to the proper value.  

+ Choose OK. Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic No-Code Environment:


1. Right Click on the model canvsas

- click Flow Properties -select Object Definition

- Type Product Names in the provided dialogue box. Click "OK"

2a. Modify an existing process

- double click on the process

- select the integrated "Detailed Timing" option

-Using the provided drop down boxes to define product/object based timing, variable timing definition based on distributions is also integrated in these drop down boxes.

2b. Define timing for a new process

- Select "generic process" icon, place icon on model canvas

- the dialogue box automatically pops up

- select the integrated "Detailed Timing" option

- Using the provided drop down boxes to define product/object based timing, variable timing definition based on distributions is also integrated in these drop down boxes.

This is just one example of the differences between traditional (iGrafx, simul8, et. al.) simulation and the dynamic simulation environment that Simcad Pro provides. Moreover, when you have a model that accurately represents the operation and move into optimization and scenario analysis Simcad Pro's dynamic environment provides an interactive environment where model and process parameters and constraints can be modified on the fly, while the simulation is running. As opposed to a traditional tool which requires the model to be stopped, expressions/script to be modified and the model to be re-run while hoping the changes were positive. This manually intensive requirement of traditional tools significantly increases the time required to identify positive improvement opportunities and the impact on the point of attack as well as the operation as a whole. I'll be happy to review in more detail dynamic vs traditional tools or the capabilities of Simcad Pro's dynamic simulation environment.

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