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Using Simulation with INDUSTRY 4.0

Industry 4.0 encompasses actionable data, complete understanding of the current and future flows, and predictive analytics to best plan your organization’s path forward. A Digital Twin is an integral part of all Industry 4.0 implementations, allowing you to better understand the current state of any operation, and providing a path to utilize predictive analytics for planned improvements.

A Digital Twin in an Industry 4.0 implementation is not only a cool visual of the operation, but a true representation of the current state with complete data connectivity, constraints and behavior. Real-life operations generated using Data Driven Digital Twin modeling techniques provide a true and accurate representation of those environments. Data Driven Digital Twins also provide the added benefits of proper current state system identification, analysis of historical data, and more accurate predictive analytics performance within the operation.

Utilizing a Data Driven Digital Twin in an Industry 4.0 implementation enables the virtual models to connect to multiple data systems in order to create a comprehensive complete view of the environment. By combining and correlating the data from multiple data systems, the Data Driven Digital Twin enables you to visualize and analyze both systems and components interactions that are otherwise hidden within the complexity of the operation.

In every industry, a Data Driven Digital Twin provides the best path to success in your transition to Industry 4.0. Optimize yours today to ensure a better tomorrow.

  • healthcare
    Healthcare Simulation

    Healthcare Simulation

    Healthcare Simulation Modeling - Optimize hospital ED/ER, patient flow, and staff utilization scheduling and planning to improve overall operational quality and capacity efficiency.

  • manufacturing
    Manufacturing Simulation

    Manufacturing Simulation

    Manufacturing Simulation Modeling - Increase production and assembly processes efficiency or Reduce WIP Inventory through scheduling, planning, capacity optimization.

  • warehouse
    Warehouse Simulation

    Warehouse Simulation

    Warehouse Simulation Modeling - Improve warehouse efficiency through pick path optimization, slotting, staging and recieving. Optimize storage media, scheduling, man power allocation and pick methods.

  • automation
    Automation Simulation

    Automation Simulation

    Automation Simulation Modeling - Analyze the impact of automation and identify the optimum automated equipment to use. Design and optimize robots, AGVs/STVs, conveyors, ASRS, and other automated systems.

  • logistics
    Logistics & Supply Chain

    Logistics & Supply Chain

    Logistics Simulation Modeling - Analyze and improve the overall supply chain. Plan deliveries, DC distributions and optimize delivery routes. Optimize and reduce transportation cost.

  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage Simulation

    Food & Beverage Simulation

    Food & Beverage Simulation Modeling - Improve Overall process efficiency and OEE. Analyze continuous and discrete flows, reduce CIP impact, and analyze automation feasibility and implementation.

Healthcare Simulation Software

Healthcare Simulation

  • Reduction in Left-without-being-Seen
  • Reduction in transfer denials
  • Staffing optimization
  • Increase operational quality/capacity
  • Reduction in hospital expenditures
  • Improve service performance
  • Ease of access to LEAN metrics
  • Proactive and dynamic scheduling


Manufacturing Simulation Software

Manufacturing Simulation


Service Simulation Software

Services Simulation

More and more process flow optimization and efficiency improvements are being applied to back office and document flow systems. Simcad Pro's dynamic capabilities can be used to model and analyze a vast array of office systems. Document based businesses such as insurance and financial institutions benefit from Simcad Pro's ability to quickly build process ...

Food & Beverage Simulation Software

Food & Beverage


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