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Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic Simulator v9.4

healthcare, manufacturing, logistics

Naperville, Illinois - Feb 3, 2010
Empowering over 3000 worldwide clients to achieve sustainable competitive advantage; CreateASoft, Inc. celebrates more than 18 years of delivering leading edge, scalable business intelligence developed and supported in the United Stated.

2nd Patent Award for Simcad Pro Dynamic Simulator

healthcare, manufacturing, logistics

Naperville, Illinois - 10/29/2009
CHICAGO, IL- Wednesday October 29th 2009 -- CREATEASOFT, INC - Second patent awarded for new innovations in Simcad Pro Dynamic Process Simulator.

Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic Simulation Software v9.3

Naperville, Illinois - September 23, 2009
With the release of Simcad Pro Version 9.3 users gain access to a variety of new reports and several improved features allowing for unparalleled simulation model creation, analysis, and dynamic optimization - NO coding required!

Simcad Pro Simulator v9.2 for a Dynamic World

Hosni Adra of Naperville,Product Manager/Partner, CreateASoft, Inc.,

will host a 1 hour Press Conference at the ProMat ’09 International Exhibition, 
11:00 a.m. CDT, Room S404, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

CHICAGO – As supply chain operations become more complex and organizations struggle with difficult economic times, many businesses are turning towards dynamic simulation tools as a way to mitigate risk by designing, validating, and implementing ideas without disrupting current operations. Learn how Simcad Pro™ provides a cost efficient process improvement solution to enhance productivity and improve sustainability in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and logistics.

Simcad Pro Dynamic Process Simulator V9.1

healthcare, manufacturing, logistics

Industry leader CreateASoft, Inc., established in 1992, has been awarded a patent for the SIMCAD PRO DYNAMIC PROCESS SIMULATOR by The United States Patent and Trademark Office. Changing the game, Simcad Pro™ provides an extensive dynamic modeling environment enabling an interactive process optimization experience Dynamic, interactive simulation allows users to make on-the-fly design changes, immediately impacting the operation’s performance and efficiency. Thanks to the patented technology, and a fully functional Graphical User Interface (GUI), CreateASoft Inc. has achieved what many claim; no more coding, no more compiling.


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